The Black X

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  1. Grampsters and Jack playing San Antonio Rose - Janurary 16, 2015

    Grampsters and Jack playing San Antonio Rose, one of Grampster's favorites.

  2. Dead Justice "Take One" - October 12, 2013

    Working on arranging a new tune for The Sabertooth EP. We rock!

  3. Back In The Studio - June 5, 2012

    We’re keeping busy in the studio trying to put the finishing touches on our new ep. This is a video of us trying to arrange a new tune Jack has named Grave Yard.

  4. Jack's First Drum Kit - March 6, 2009

    Little Drummer Boy

    Here is a photo of Jack at age 2. This is when he first became interested in drumming.

  5. Jack - The Skunk Song - June 3, 2008

    This is some very old footage of Jack and a make-shift drum set shot with my old hacked iPhone. It’s not the best video quality wise but you can tell he had chops at an early age.