The Black X

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  1. Grampsters and Jack playing San Antonio Rose. - August 3rd, 2014

    Grampsters and Jack playing San Antonio Rose, one of Grampster's favorites.

  2. New Tune Named Grave Yard - May 4, 2012

    We’re keeping busy in the studio trying to put the finishing touches on our new ep. This is a video of us trying to arrange a new tune Jack has named Grave Yard.

  3. New Single – Available For Download - November 15, 2011

    The long awaited day has finally arrived. The Black X’s first release in now available for download.
    The Black X – The Black Rider (single)
    Jefrey Hamilton – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Organ
    Jackson Hamilton – Backing Vocals, Drums, Album Art



  4. The Black X – New Music Tuesday! - November 11, 2011

    The Black X - The Black Rider (single)

    We just thought we’d be nice and give everyone fair warning. Next Tuesday, November 15, 2011, your lives are going to be forever changed. We are releasing the first single from our upcoming ep titled The Sabertooth ep. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know Tuesday how you can get a hold of what is sure to be one of 2011 biggest singles of the year.

  5. The Black X Back In The Studio - October 28, 2011

    The Black X Back In The Studio

    We’re in the process of recording our first ep. We’re hoping on releasing 4 to 5 songs soon, just in time for the holidays! Keep checking back here for an official release date.

  6. Fathers Day Jam Session - June 20, 2010

    Here are a few segments from what has become known as the Father’s Day Jam. This session marks one of the earliest recordings of what has become known as The Black X.

  7. The Making Of A Music Room - November 28, 2009

    Every good band needs a place to practice, rehearse, and record, a place to create and a place to hone their skills. This is our creative space and how it was created.

  8. Improv Skills - October 14, 2009

    Jack early on was a very creative improv drummer. This is an example of Jack’s great ability to ad-lib a catchy tune and name it on the spot.

  9. Picking Up On Early Signs - August 09, 2009

    After signing Jack up for gymnastics and observing him, one thing was certain, the kid had skills, drumming skills that is.

  10. Jack - The Skunk Song - June 03, 2008

    This is some very old footage of Jack and a make-shift drum set shot with my old hacked iPhone. It’s not the best video quality wise but you can tell he had chops at an early age.

  11. Jack's First Drum Kit - March 06, 2007

    Little Drummer Boy

    Here is a photo of Jack at age 2. This is when he first became interested in drumming.